Screen Writing

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Iain Smith OBE
Applecross Productions
(Mad Max, Fury Road, The A-Team etc.)
"Saskia has the special gift of being able to meld character and plot seamlessly into a movie narrative, which is the essence of great screenwriting"
"I have had the pleasure of working with Saskia Sutton on a number of projects, there is nothing better, than diving into a story with someone who is ready to throw all preconceived ideas out the window, and find the stories true core meaning and work outwards from there, Saskia is that someone. "
Jason Connery
Karen Krizanovich
"Saskia Sutton's scripts are always alive with energy & believable characters. Her ideas are fresh and imaginative."
"Saskia Sutton produced a very complex high budget live action and animation mix TV commercial for Disney and Fanta which was a pre-cursor for “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”. She did a great job holding all the elements together to create a smooth production."
Richard Williams
Triple Oscar winning Animator
David Pope
Writer & Director
Boneyard Canteen
"Saskia has been instrumental in moving our feature film project forward. She has brought broad knowledge, insight and coordination to the Development process and is a hugely valuable asset to our team. I look forward to working with her for many years to come."
"Saskia is an inspirational producer, who very carefully steered our project from its initial idea to a full blown script with massive potential; her enthusiasm and encouragement for my writing has always helped me to develop as a screenwriter - she's the dog's bollocks!"
Alex Jones. Playwright and Actor
Steve Dawkins
Course Director, Media Production
Coventry University
"Saskia is, to quote more than one of our students, absolutely amazing. She works with students superbly and is really adept at getting them to see the ways in which they can improve their projects - technically, logistically and creatively - in a firm but caring manner. Her insights and guidance have meant that OK and good films soon become brilliant films."
"Saskia is an engaging and dynamic person to have in front of students. She does not start with anecdotes and tales of all that she has done, she starts with thoughtful and considered questions to help students tease out the story they want to tell. Just like when she produces, her approach to teaching is to come alongside a project and facilitate the best story possible. Saskia is a fabulous asset to any production, whether as part of a university programme or not. The student projects benefited so much from her input.”
Lee-Jane Bennion Nixon, Programme Director and Lecturer in Film & Television Production, York St.John University
Ashish Patel
Media Producer
"Saskia infuses her own personal experience, professional experience and exuberant personality to inspire budding media practitioners (such as myself). Her ability to decrypt each idea is fascinating as much as it is seamless. As she sets out to motivate and guide those who seek advice/inspiration from her. Overall she is dedicated to her craft and extremely passionate about what she does, which certainly shows through her own work and talks."
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